The Missouri Environmental Education Association’s mission is to help educators connect every Missouri learner to the natural world and
equip them to care, understand, and act for the environment.


If you have a passion for environmental education and some time to give, we would love your help. Simply fill out this quick form to get started.

Conference Committee

Each year MEEA hosts an annual conference where educators and EE supporters learn from their colleagues in the field, engage in hands-on workshops to put theory into practice, and network with people from across our state. Many hands make light work for this important event!

Outreach Committee

Outreach is one of the most important aspects of building our membership and support here at MEEA. If you like meeting new people and sharing the benefits of EE, consider volunteering with this committee.

Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Accessibiity

We need your help to ensure that MEEA fully engages and stays on the path to becoming a truly equitable organization. Looking for big picture thinkers with passion, humility, and a desire to learn and grow.

Missouri Green Schools Committee

Do you have EE experience and are looking to put it to good use in Missouri’s schools? Volunteer here!


Consider volunteering with this committee if you would enjoy connecting MEEA with donors, organizing fundraising events ,or editing and researching grants.


We are updating our EE Certification program and possibly incorporating microcredentials. Join us on this exciting adventure to support Missouri’s amazing environmental educators to enhance professional credentials!


Ready to advocate on behalf of Environmental Education? Your one stop shop will be the NAAEE Policy and Advocacy page. Here you can learn about the basics of policy advocacy as well as NAAEE’s current initiatives.

When you’re ready to connect with fellow EE Advocates, join the free eePRO network. Start here to create an account.


Why is advocacy for EE important?

As NAAEE states in their Advocacy Guide for EE Professionals and Supporters,  “Simply stated, funding for EE does not meet the huge demand for programming and professional development needed to create a more environmentally literate citizenry. At the same time, there is not equitable access to high-quality programs and materials—especially in economically depressed communities. We can address this lack of funding and inequality through smart, strategic advocacy. By doing so, we can ensure that EE reaches all the audiences around the country (including education departments and programs that play crucial roles) who can benefit from it and help move our field forward.”

 Our Board of Directors has expressed an interest in pursuing more advocacy work as an organization as our capacity to do so grows. If this is your passion area, and you want to take the lead on building this aspect of MEEA, let’s talk! Email Lesli Moylan at

Missouri Lake