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Missouri Green Schools helps schools set, achieve, and recognize environmental sustainability, health and learning goals. It is a joint project of:

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Green Ribbon School Nominations

In the state of Missouri, Missouri Green Schools (MGS) serves as the conduit for the U.S Department of Education Green Ribbon School (ED-GRS) Award. Both MGS and ED-GRS are aligned with and recognize schools for their achievements across all three "pillars" of a green school:
    1) reduced environmental impacts and costs;
    2) improved health and wellness of schools, students and staff;
    3) effective environmental and sustainability education.

Requirements for Nomination | Selection Process | Forms

Submission | Scoring

Requirements for nomination

  1. Enrollment in the Missouri Green Schools Program.
  2. You will receive an editable copy of the MGS Assessment and Tracking tool(pdf) once you have enrolled. When your school is able to check all the requirements for Emerging, and over half the requirements for Progressing in each Pillar, your school can be considered for nomination as a Green Ribbon School.
  3. Completion of a Nomination Form (using information gathered in the tracking tool) that includes:
    • A clear, specific and well-articulated understanding of how environmental sustainability, health and learning fit with the school's vision and mission
    • innovative approaches (given a particular school's circumstances) to one or more of the criteria outlined in the 3 pillars;
    • and five action photos of students involved in green practices.
  4. Completion of Nominee Presentation Form with the signatures of the principal and superintendent (or appropriate authorities for private schools) certifying the school meets certain federal criteria.


Selection Process


Forms (after completing the tracking tool)

Nomination Form

The nomination form is a document. Open it up and save it as a document with the name: "GRS2020nomination-your school".

Use the information from your Missouri Green Schools Assessment and Tracking tool to fill it in.

When the nomination form is completed, save it as a document and return it by email to Lesli Moylan at

Nomination Form


Nominee Presentation Form
(this is different from the Nomination Form)

To submit a nomination, a school needs to fill out this document and obtain signatures from the school principal and their district superintendent. It should be saved as a document with the name: "GRS2020presentation-your school" and returned by email to Lesli Moylan at This needs to be submitted at the same time as the Nomination Form.

Nominee Presentation Form




Email both the Nomination Presentation Form and the Nomination Form to Lesli Moylan at on or before midnight January 6, 2020. Both need to be submitted as documents.

All applicants will be notified on or before February 14, 2020 about their nomination to the ED-GRS program.


Scoring Guide

This scoring guide will be used by the people evaluating the nomination forms to make sure nominees meet minimum standards. The scoring guide can help applicants understand how best to frame their story of effort and achievement. The applcation sections are weighted as follows:

Lastly, due to ED-GRS requirements, only one private school may be nominated, and at least one public school with a 40% disadvantaged population needs to be nominated for every two schools with fewer disadvantaged students. This second point means that we are somewhat limited by the number of schools with disadvantaged populations that apply.