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The U.S. Department of Education recognizes schools taking a comprehensive approach to greening their school. A comprehensive approach incorporates environmental learning with improving environmental and health impacts.

Becoming a U.S. Department of Education (US ED) Green Ribbon School is a two-step process. The first step is to complete a nomination form to be selected as a nominee by the eligible nominating authority in your state, in this case the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (MO-DESE).

If your school has addressed any of the following environmentally conscious actions, then your school may be a candidate for Missouri’s Green Ribbon Schools program!

  • improves its energy efficiency
  • reduces its water use
  • develops ecologicall beneficial spaced
  • increasesrecycling
  • reduces car use among students and staff
  • serves healthy food in the cafeteria
  • reduces exposure to chemicals in air and water
  • provides health education in the curriculum
  • provides health services to students and staff
  • incorporates outdoor recreation in PE
  • teaches lessons about nature and sustainability
  • encourages teachers to get environmentally oriented professional development
  • partners with its community on sustainability issues

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, in partnership with the Missouri Environmental Education acceptsnominations for this prestigious award from any public, private or charter Missouri school, pre K through 12th grade.

The 2017 submission deadline is past. Check again in April for the 2018 deadline.

Once a school is selected as a nominee by MO-DESE, the nomination form is sent to US ED which selects honorees from those presented by eligible nominating authorities nationwide.  Selection will be based on documentation of the applicant's high achievement in all three of the ED-GRS Pillars:

  • Pillar I: Reduce environmental impact and costs.
  • Pillar II: Improve the health and wellness of students and staff.
  • Pillar III: Provide effective environmental and sustainability education, incorporating STEM, civic skills and green career pathways.

Schools demonstrating progress in all three Pillars will receive highest rankings and stand the best chance of being nominated for national recognition. However, all schools that submit will be recognized at the state level.

Up to five schools can be nominated from a state.

Public, charter and private preK-12 schools can submit nominations.

Schools that have previously received recognition are not eligible.



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Missouri Green Ribbon Schools is jointly managed by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and the Missouri Environmental Education Association