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Missouri Green Schools helps schools set, achieve, and recognize environmental sustainability, health and learning goals. It is a joint project of:

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About Missouri Green Schools


Missouri Green Schools (MGS) is an initiative of the Missouri Environmental Education Association (MEEA).

The program coordinator is Jan Weaver. She lives in Columbia, Missouri. Her email is


MGS is 1) a program that recognizes and celebrates the environmental sustainability, health and learning accomplishments of Missouri schools based on their self reporting; and 2) the way that the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (MO DESE) identifies schools that can be nominated for the US Department of Education's Green Ribbon Schools Program (USED GRS).

MGS is aligned with and uses the criteria suggested by USED GRS and its three pillars: 1) reduced environmental impacts and costs; 2) improved health and wellness of schools, students and staff; and 3) effective environmental and sustainability education. In MGS these three pillars are labeled Sustainability, Health and Learning.

All preK-12 schools, whether public or private, are eligible for recognition. There is not a program for post-secondary schools at this time.

MGS is not a ceritification program, since it does not have the resources to visit individual schools to verify their performance. It relies on the school's self reporting, and where relevant, documentaion of 3rd party assessments like Energy Star.


MGS covers the whole state of Missouri. The coordinator for the program lives in Columbia.


MGS was launched in the fall of 2016 with the evaluation of and submission of nominees to the 2017 USED GRS program.


MEEA wanted to encourage and support Missouri schools in pursuit of green goals.